Jizz Roulette Review

When you hear the phrase Jizz Roulette Live, what comes to mind? Personally, I imagined sitting around a table with a bunch of hardened, grizzled bears while a buff muscleman strolls around, jerking his dick at each of our heads, one by one. At some point, he’s going to blow his load in somebody’s face, but who’s going to be the one to get blasted? He’s only got one in the chamber, but he hasn’t gotten off in days and it’s going to be a big one. If it falls on you, will you spit, swallow, or turn your head to try to avoid the spunk?

I probably gave a bunch of you pervs a new fantasy to envision while you’re pulling your own pud, but JizzRouletteLive.org is actually something a bit different. It’s a live webcam site where you can watch sexy dudes getting nasty and acting out your fantasies. The brand’s been around for years and they get thousands of visits every month, so maybe I’m just a tad bit late to the party. Well, there’s no better time to catch up, so let’s get into it!

Jizz Roulette Review


🔴Male webcam sex platform

🔴A wide range of performers

🔴Hundreds of dudes at any moment

🔴A nice set of search filters

🔴Lots of free live entertainment


🔴 Some bugs in the search filters (mobile version)

Getting Lively with Jizz Roulette Live

I thought JizzRouletteLive looked familiar as soon as I hit the front page. Part of that is the branding; they’re part of the SlutRoulette family of sites, which has been around since the early ‘00s. I’ve talked about some of their other offerings over at ThePornDude, but their other platforms are aimed more as straight masturbators. The company’s longevity in the business says a lot about what they’ve got on deck, though. A fucking ton of adult sites have come and gone in the time these folks have been around.

🔴The other reason it looks familiar is just the format. Like other webcam sites, the front page is dominated by thumbnails of cam shows going on right now. Some cam sites have a type, but the main unifying factor here seems to be the models’ genders alone. There are all kinds of dudes shaking their dicks at their webcams around here. The platform may not have a set type, but do you?

🔴 Even before I started clicking around or fucking with the filter, I saw muscular dudes, old guys and Asians. There are macho Latinos, twinky little twinks, hairy bears and femboys. You can tune in to watch a black dude swinging around a real, live BBC, or watch a geriatric crossdresser stick things up his pooper. There’s a Colombian dude who looks like Kyle Rittenhouse, which I find absolutely fucking hilarious, as well as a dude in a hard hat who looks like one of the Village People. I also see a number of cam bros with those pink Lovense vibrators I see a lot of female camwhores using, only they’re all jammed in buttholes instead of cooters.

🔴One of the perennial downsides of a preference for male camwhores is the selection. I’m speaking broadly of the whole damn internet here, not just Jizz Roulette Live. The are just fewer dudes doing cam shows in the world than there are women, and I’ve seen a number of gay cam sites with embarrassingly low numbers of performers. JizzRouletteLive seems to be one of the better ones, though, with hundreds of dudes to choose from at any moment. I’m whipping up this review on a Friday afternoon, shortly after my lunchtime Viagra sandwich, and I’ve got my pick of just under two hundo.

Just Who Are We Fapping to Today?

With just a four-page catalog of live men, it’s arguably a lot easier to choose a show on Jizz Roulette Live than it would be if you were fapping to women on one of the bigger sites like Chaturbate or LiveJasmin. At the same time, who wants to scroll through hundreds of thumbnails trying to find one that gets you all hard and drippy? JizzRouletteLive.org offers a few different ways of sifting through the pile, including a cloud of popular tags at the top of the front page. Right now, gay wankers are beating off to Feet, Big Cocks, Tattoos and Daddys, as well as Biceps, Anal, Twinks and BDSM.

🔴There’s also a nice set of search filters to help you narrow down your results. You can filter camboys by geographic region, age, ethnicity or language. There’s another filter for Features that helps you find dudes taking advantage of JizzRouletteLive’s Party Chat, Fan Club or Interactive Vibrator features. If you want to buzz somebody’s asshole for a few tokens, now’s your chance.

🔴If you’re a kinky motherfucker, I bet you head straight for the Fetishes filters. That’s where you can check off boxes like Anal, BDSM, Dominant, Leather, Gagging or Roleplay. There’s Whips and Spanking, Deepthroat and Voyeur, Facials and Cuckold. Honestly, some of the listed kinks seem like holdovers from the straight version of SlutRoulette, because you also have options like Lactation and Femdom. Then again, genders are more fluid than ever, at least in Western society.

🔴For my money, the full desktop version of JizzRouletteLive.org is easier to navigate. I had some weird little bugs with the filters on the mobile version, and had to set my preferences a few times for them to finally stick. The desktop version also gives you easier access to the Category Pages menu along the sidebar, where you can click tags like Alternative, College, Latino and Uncut. As I type up this review, there are 15 shows listed under Couple, 25 under straight, and a whopping 151 dudes tagging themselves as Bisexual. The Guy Next Door aisle is currently empty, though, so apologies if you were hoping to see your neighbor.

Freebies and More at Jizz Roulette Live

Whether I’m reviewing straight cam sites for ThePornDude or the queer ones here at MyGaySites, I have a common refrain: the busiest sites have the most free entertainment. Every cam site claims to have freebies, but when there ain’t many models and there ain’t many users, the free shows tend to be trash. Who really wants to watch a fully dressed guy stare blankly at the camera, no matter how fucking handsome he is?

🔴With a couple hundred dudes doing their thing on cam, I had high hopes right away. Sure enough, I was quickly able to find a ton of live, free action. The first guy I clicked on was just playing with his phone in his underwear, but the second guy was stripping to J-pop. I quickly found a guy showing off his bunghole and helicoptering his ding-dong, a trio of Latinos groping each other, and a dude strapping on some BDSM restraints right as I tuned in.

🔴I admit, it did take a few minutes of clicking around before I finally found a guy beating off on camera. After watching him for a few seconds, he started groaning and flipped over on his stomach, his body shaking as somebody buzzed the Lovense gizmo shoved up his poop chute. I wish there was a way to see how many viewers each show has from the front page, because more viewers typically equates to more activity. As long as somebody’s throwing money in the hat, the show will go on.

🔴Keep in mind, I wasn’t even signed in at this point, so this show was as free as free could be. If you’ve got some coin in your account and you’re willing to pay, you can find somebody to act out your precise fantasies a lot easier than I found a free show. In that case, use the filters to find your ideal dude catering to your kinks, join the chatroom and then click the button to go Private. If you’ve played with a cam site before, you already know the drill.

🔴JizzRouletteLive.org has exactly what I look for in a live webcam sex site, namely a wide selection of performers and a convenient interface for finding exactly the type of model you like to see getting naked on cam. Free shows are pretty much a given once a site reaches a certain level of activity, making this a good place to get your kicks whether you’re a cheapskate looking for freebies or a fat-pocketed stud in need of something a little kinkier and more intimate. So, who’s up for some live cock slanging?


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